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As an artist born in Ukraine and currently working in Jerusalem, I find inspiration in the rich cultural heritage of my surroundings. My creative journey is dedicated to exploring and reinterpreting Jewish iconography, particularly through self-portraits and works rooted in Jewish mythology. By delving into these ancient narratives, I aim to uncover their universal relevance in contemporary society.


Having received my education from the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, as well as the Jerusalem Studio School, I have developed a deep appreciation for the teachings of the old masters. Their mastery of technique and their ability to convey profound messages through visual language have influenced my artistic approach. Drawing upon this foundation, I strive to translate their teachings into a modern visual vocabulary, allowing me to infuse traditional Jewish iconography with a fresh and contemporary perspective.


Through my self-portraits, I seek to forge a personal connection with the viewer, inviting them into my inner world and inviting introspection. By incorporating Jewish symbolism and iconography within these self-portraits, I aim to explore and express my own identity as it relates to my cultural heritage. I believe that personal narratives can serve as gateways to broader human experiences, and my intention is to spark empathy and understanding through these visual explorations.


Additionally, I delve into Jewish mythology and the vast array of biblical archetypes. By reimagining these stories and characters, I strive to shed light on their enduring relevance in today's society. I am fascinated by the timeless themes present in these narratives and their ability to address universal human struggles and aspirations. Through my work, I aim to bridge the gap between ancient tales and contemporary issues, illuminating the inherent connections between past and present.


My creative process is a deeply contemplative and introspective one. I immerse myself in research, delving into sacred texts, Jewish folklore, and art history. This exploration serves as a foundation for my artistic endeavors, allowing me to synthesize traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. By weaving together past and present, I aspire to create visually captivating works that engage viewers on multiple levels—intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

In essence, my artistic practice is driven by a desire to connect with others and contribute to a broader dialogue. By exploring Jewish iconography, self-portraiture, and biblical archetypes, I seek to create art that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks to the shared human experience. Through my works, I invite viewers to reflect upon their own identities, explore the universal narratives embedded within ancient traditions, and find resonance in the stories that shape our collective understanding of the world.

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