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TransPHerA: Jerusalem of Above, Jerusalem of Below - A Celestial Symphony of Earthly Desires and Artistic Aspirations

Curator Text:

Welcome to Transphera, an extraordinary exhibition that weaves together the earthly and the celestial realms, resonating with the timeless motif of "Jerusalem of Above, Jerusalem of Below." Through meticulously crafted large-format abstract oil paintings and masterful charcoal drawings, this collection invites you on a profound journey, exploring the delicate interplay between our primal animal nature and the sublime yearnings of the artistic spirit.

Transphera, like the dual cities it references, stands as a testament to the interconnectedness of the earthly and the divine. Just as Jerusalem of Above represents the spiritual realm, a heavenly abode, and Jerusalem of Below symbolizes the material world and human experience, this exhibition bridges the gap between the mundane and the transcendent. It presents a dialogue between the desires that root us in our earthly existence and the aspirations that elevate us towards artistic transcendence.


In this exploration, transPHerA draws inspiration from esteemed contemporary artists who have delved into similar themes, enriching the tapestry of this exhibition. Their profound insights resonate through the halls, guiding our contemplation:

Anish Kapoor's wisdom echoes: "The human needs poetry more than bread," reminding us of the inherent spiritual hunger that art can nourish. Marina Abramović's reflection that "Art is a mirror of our time" speaks to the exhibition's intention to reflect the complexities and yearnings of our contemporary existence.


Olafur Eliasson's words guide us: "I'm interested in how we relate to the physical world, how we use it, and how we remember it," inviting us to consider the interplay between our earthly desires and our memory of the divine. Yayoi Kusama's transformative creations are born from her assertion: "I transform my hallucinations and obsessions into creation," encouraging us to embrace our inner visions and desires, channeling them into artistic expression.


James Turrell's perspective that "My work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing, although it is a product of my seeing" resonates deeply, emphasizing the viewer's role in experiencing and interpreting the artwork. Through their encounter with the exhibition, visitors become active participants, bringing their own perspectives and engaging with the transcendent elements presented.

Within the curated juxtaposition of bold brushstrokes and delicate charcoal renderings, the ethereal and the earthly converge. Vibrant hues and intricate forms intertwine, revealing the inherent unity between our primal desires and the transcendent allure of artistic expression.

As you traverse this celestial symphony, the interplay of light and shadow immerses you in the realms of both Jerusalem of Above and Jerusalem of Below. It echoes the words of visionary artists:

Ai Weiwei reminds us: "Art is about aesthetics, about morals, about our beliefs in humanity. Without that, there simply is no art." Kara Walker's exploration of the complexities of the human soul resonates, as she states: "I've always been interested in the complexities of the human soul."

Through the interplay of luminosity and obscurity, the artist evokes the celestial chiaroscuro, mirroring the dynamic relationship between the spiritual and the material. Rembrandt's mastery is recalled, prompting us to reflect on the delicate balance between our earthly nature and our spiritual yearnings.

transPHerA beckons you to surrender to the transformative beauty that emerges from the liminal space between earth and sky. It serves as a testament to the profound capacity of art to transcend our primal instincts, propelling us toward the boundless realms of imagination and creative yearning.

As you explore this exhibition, may transPHerA kindle within.

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